Client relationships are the foundation of our existence as creatives– we have the ability to impact each other’s lives in extraordinary ways. As creatives, it’s our goal to build lasting relationships and establish trust with our clients. For clients, their interest lies in having dependable and trustworthy creative talent. 

As we grow our careers as voiceover artists, we are working to establish meaningful business relationships that are fulfilling for both the client and ourselves. As creatives, we desire to use our work to serve the client and even society by providing our services. By consistently delivering quality work that fits the needs of our clients, we begin to establish a trusting relationship with those we serve. 

These business relationships help build our professional social network and are invaluable to our careers. They give us an experience that allows us to learn and grow in our professions. In addition, these relationships nurture our creative minds, introduce us to new opportunities and help us explore the role we play in our communities. 

In our digital world, we have access to each other in unprecedented ways. Yet, we find it increasingly challenging to communicate authentically, especially with clients. The tendency to collect an overabundance of connections is detrimental to building meaningful creative-client relationships. Instead of navigating a feed of connections you don’t know, focus on fostering a smaller, more quality group of contacts.

When you have an established group of connections, you can organize your presence on digital platforms to maintain, serve, and nurture your business relationships on those platforms. Using a separate business phone, email, and even address can help you separate your business life from your personal life and allow you to function more efficiently within the professional world. 

In the end, the relationships we build and nourish throughout our careers allow us to grow and serve others– which gives us tremendous purpose. So, once you’ve found your passion, be it voiceover or something different, you must pursue it. Your career pursuit will lead you toward like-minded people and connections that bring value to your career and life.