As a voice actor who works from home, it’s been three years since I’ve traveled more than a few miles from home. Between quarantines and shelter-in-place mandates to regaining some normalcy and movement, it’s been an interesting journey for all of us. 

In the two summers since the global travel halt took hold and we were exposed to a life beyond our busyness, activity, and stressors, a lot has changed. In the before times, I enjoyed traveling as a great escape or for spending time with family and friends. 

But now, the threat of illness has changed my mood and overall outlook on travel. Is it safe? None of us really know. What was once an exciting flight to a tropical destination is now a worry that you’ll be sick and stuck in a foreign place. We’re hyperaware when someone coughs or sneezes, and often, we’re left wondering if it’s even safe to shake a friend’s hand or hug a loved one.


As summer wraps up and the holiday season fast approaches, there may be events you don’t want to miss– like weddings, vacations, and holiday celebrations. These events, which we once considered to be the year’s highlights, are now plagued by worry about spreading sickness and causing long-term health complications. 

Who feels like celebrating when all we can think about is social distancing? Even breaks from work require more brain power than we’re used to– on top of navigating in a new place, we’re on the lookout, staying woke, and being overly careful not to come in contact with contaminates that could invite the flu, or even worse, Covid. 

But, all hope is not lost! There are precautions we can take, and things we can do to stay as safe as possible. So, if you’re ready to venture back into the world and trying to do it safely, check out my tips below. 


Safety Tips 

  1. Get Boosted. Travel restrictions are lessening, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take all the precautions you can. Since protection from vaccines wanes over time, think about getting boosted before you board your flight! We know vaccination reduces the transmission of the virus, which can give you peace of mind on your travels.  
  2. Mask Up. Masks are still in style! Wearing one is the easiest way to slow/stop transmission when social distancing isn’t possible. So, wear one on the plane and find one to coordinate with your outfit if there’s a big event you don’t want to miss. 
  3. Explore the outdoors. Picking a destination off the beaten path (literally) reduces your chances of picking up any illness, and discovering nature is always a rewarding experience. 
  4. Hand Washing. It sounds simple enough, but it’s one of the best steps you can take toward staying safe. Washing your hands properly (check this catchy technique) can keep you and those around you safe and prevent the spread of germs and illness. 
  5. Sick? Stay Home. Staying safe also means protecting others around you. If you test positive for covid or develop a sickness, stay home and get better– get back to traveling when you feel your best.


So while we attempt to gather during a time when Covid lingers and new viruses creep in, practicing these tips and remembering to stay safe will help keep us all sane. 

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