March into April: Tips to Manage Your Voice as the Seasons Change

As the seasons change, so does the way we need to care for our voice. Don’t let springtime allergies and colds ruin your vocal health! Check out our latest blog post for tips on managing your voice this April.

First, we’ll dive into staying hydrated, especially during the dry, allergy-prone spring season. We’ll also discuss the benefits of proper breathing techniques and vocal warm-ups, which can help prevent strain and injury to your vocal cords. 

  • Hydration is essential for daily vocal maintenance. Different types of water may benefit your vocal type (alkaline, vitamin, spring, filtered, etc.) There are also hydration supplements to relieve dehydration faster. Remember, you must drink hours ahead to be entirely hydrated for a vocal session.
  • Breathing techniques and tongue twisters are great ways to warm up and keep the vocals sparkling and healthy. Try looking online for books containing tongue twisters, like Rodney Saulsberry’s Tongue Twisters and Vocal Warm-Ups. And for vocal clarity and stamina, try one of the Singing Straw versions.


Next, we’ll cover some practical tips for avoiding irritants that can negatively impact your vocal health. These include avoiding cigarette smoke, air pollution, and even spicy or acidic foods that can cause reflux.

  • Air and certain foods are irritants that take a toll on my vocal health. Everyone is different, so pay attention to your symptoms and what caused them. Take notes so you remember. Check on what food or environments are best for your blood type. That helped me tremendously.
  • Wearing a mask when exposed to smoke and air pollution and exercising outside for long periods is a great help.


We’ll also discuss the importance of getting enough sleep and how fatigue and exhaustion may affect your vocal performance. Lastly, we’ll share some helpful exercises and self-care techniques to keep your voice strong and healthy even as the seasons change.

  • This one is my favorite. I love to sleep! It’s not only necessary, but it’s rejuvenating, healing, comforting, healthy, and calming. And it helps with creativity. Include prayer, meditation, eating 90 minutes before bed, and writing down your thoughts to empty your mind. Now, you’re well on your way to a healthier you.
  • Exercise is also great for stimulating blood flow and energy. I often work out an hour or more before a session. Exercising too close to the session recording time, especially if you’re recording in a vocal booth, can shoot the temperature in the booth through the roof, making you a bit uncomfortable in the summer months, even if you have air in your booth. Try a cool/cold shower spritzer at the end of your shower. It shocks the body, but it’s refreshing and reduces body temperature.



Call to Action: Don’t let the change of seasons affect your vocal health. Remember to wash your hands. And mask up. Follow me for more great tips! 

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