“New Year, New Adventures: Unveiling the Voiceover Journey of 2024!”

Heyyy I am doing something special for January; because I had such an amazing December, I felt it deserved a recap.

January 2024 has arrived…

And it’s time to kickstart a new chapter in the grand adventure of voiceover! But before we dive into the exciting opportunities ahead, let’s reminisce about the memorable moments that December gifted us.


Starting the month in LA, celebrating the art of voiceover at SOVAS Voice Awards, and dancing through That’s Voiceover! weekend with cherished friends was a whirlwind of inspiration and creativity. I couldn’t have asked for a more vibrant start to the holiday season.

I was fortunate to be dressed by the brilliant @stylistjbolin, whose designs boost confidence both on and off the mic. And, of course, meeting the incredible @natasha_vox added an extra sparkle to the weekend.

But wait, there’s more!

As we enter 2024, I invite you to join me on this voiceover journey. Follow the global podcast Speechless, where the world of voice acting is unraveled and insights to inspire your creative pursuits are shared.

And remember to stay connected on IG: @keaversvoice for all the exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses, shenanigans, and updates on what’s to come.

Thanks to all of you, 2023 was a year of growth, laughter, and boundless creativity. As we embark on this new year, may it be filled with even more achievements, cherished moments, and the unwavering support of our voiceover family.

Here’s to 2024, brimming with opportunities, adventures, and the joy of following our passions. Let’s make it a year to remember!


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