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Inspiration comes from anywhere. What attracts us and motivates us is what we understand to be our passions. These passions take shape in many ways. My love for art in the form of music, literature, and creative messages are passion projects I plan to someday combine into higher areas of inspirational teaching for others. Along my journey, I have created commercials, adult and children’s stories, and music that is sold and shared across various platforms. I am honored and thankful that many find my heart’s work motivational, inspirational, and helpful.

This holiday season is perfect for enjoying my ‘Home for the Holidays’ album. It is available for purchase on Amazon and listening on all streaming platforms. I especially enjoy the opportunity to have created this album because it compiles my holiday favorites with a couple of pieces that I created myself. Reflective of God’s love and the birth of our Savior, this record is intended to soothe the soul and warm the heart. May you find as much joy in the work as I did in creating the album.


Just as soothing and perfect for anyone with children this holiday season: my book, “Colors of Nature,” is a relaxing children’s book to read with your child before bedtime or anytime. It is a beautiful piece of art that engages parents and children to think about how they synonymously grow in nature and life. The vibrant colors of this book are unmistakably inspired by the animals that live within the pages. Created by the illustrator Kathy Schoeppner and her fantastic eye and ability to bring this story to life. This book will make any animal lover happy; birds, amphibians, sea creatures, and mammals roam endlessly through the story. Consider re-creating these illustrations with your child as an activity to go along with the story. Inspire your child to make their own story to follow the characters you’ve found in “Colors of Nature.” And a great accompaniment to the book is our children’s music project LullaBabyMusic.

We look forward to continuing to add to the Brenai Learning Series soon. Find a copies at our website or on Amazon.


Not everyone is at peace during the holiday season. We all need help every now and then. “Grief Relief” is a book that is meant to be used to allow one to work through hard emotions and trauma or loss. There are activities and journaling after every chapter that are meant to help you through the ideas that are racing through your mind in times of strife. The content shares relatable moments to allow us to recognize we are not alone in our grief. If you know someone or find yourself in need of grounding yourself or re-finding yourself in the chaos, download a free chapter and pick up a copy of “Grief Relief.” Available everywhere books are sold.

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